The FabricSince I got into Steampunk I’m always looking for ways to make things look like metal…and since I mostly work in cloth, I figured out a neat way (in my opinion) to make cloth look like metal.  The first time it was for a pair of boots.  Since then I’ve found lots of uses, including wings, and accessories.  If you would like to give it a try you will need:

Heavy weight BLACK cotton fabric…not quite as heavy as denim, but needs to have good body to it. Brush on clear acrylic varnish. Metallic powders, an old paint brush & a piece of plastic to work on. Lay your fabric on the plastic and coat evenly with the varnish. Sprinkle metallic powders while still wet and using your brush swirl in circular motion to spread. I usually use 2 or more colors, ie: gold, bronze and perhaps a touch of silver or copper, with the gold being the predominant color.  You can always ad a bit more of any color. The main thing is  you want to use a circular motion so the colors blend. Turn cloth over and repeat on the other side. After a couple of hours of drying your new metal cloth is ready for you to make something wonderful! (Like my dragonflies & butterflies in my Yatimi shop)


About laurascreativemess

Soft sculpted dolls are my main focus. "I still play with dolls" is a recurring theme when describing myself. I also enjoy the process of creating an idea into a real project. This space will be used to share some of these ideas and processes with others. So lets get busy and play!
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4 Responses to MAKING “METAL” FABRIC

  1. Abbey says:

    Can you sew with the fabric after it’s been painted? Or can you paint the fabric after it’s already been sewn into whatever you’re making?

    • Yes Abbey you can sew after painting, however the fabric is much “coarser” and not nearly as flexible, so you need to use a larger needle. On the other hand, since the paint seals the threads, you do not need to hem to finish edges.When I make into things like boots for steampunk dolls I like to paint after. Hope this helps!

  2. Karen Lane says:

    I was looking for a way to make “metal” fabric for a project and this sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

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